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Mental health research

Guest Seminar: Steven Silverstein, PhD



Dr. Silverstein (University of Rochester) will discuss the nature of optical coherence tomography (OCT), as well as the rationale for using it in clinical research on people with schizophrenia. He will also summarize findings from this field, including his own published and recent unpublished data. Finally, he will discuss potential confounds in OCT research in schizophrenia that need to be considered in strong study designs.

About the speaker

Steven Silverstein, PhD, has been named the the George L. Engel Professor in Psychosocial Medicine and associate chair of Research for the department of Psychiatry at the University of Rochester Medical Center. He will join the University of Rochester in January 2020. Dr. Silverstein is an expert in the use of OCT in schizophrenia spectrum disorders and has <<<<<<< HEAD published important new findings in 2018. ===== published an authorative review on the topic in 2018. >>>>>>> 14dc96ee16f4958b643355ba02d885940db1b41b


  • Date: 10/11/19
  • Time: 3:30 PM CET
  • Location: PUK Zurich, H108
  • Host: Philipp Homan