Homan Lab Zurich

Mental health research

About us


Tromsø, Norway, Jan 2024

Established in 2020 after Philipp had moved from NYC to Zurich and affiliated with the Department of Psychiatry and Psychotherapy at the University of Zurich, our lab is interested the origins and clinical consequences of heterogeneity in severe mental disorders. Interested in working with us? Please start by reading here.

Who we are

People in our lab have diverse backgrounds including medicine, psychology, biology, computer science, engineering. Please find all members here.

What we do

  • TRUSTING (funded by EU Horizon)
  • DELTA-LANG (funded by ERC Synergy)
  • SPAR (funded by Hartmann Müller Foundation)
  • STRICON (funded by Brain & Behavior Research Foundation)
  • VELAS (funded by Brain & Behavior Research Foundation, OPO and EMDO Foundations)

Who we collaborate with


  • Iris Sommer, MD, PhD. UMC Groningen
  • Brita Elvevåg, PhD. UiT Tromsø
  • Wolfram Hinzen, PhD. UPF Barcelona
  • Stefan Kaiser, MD. University of Geneva
  • Matthias Kirschner, MD. University of Geneva
  • Emre Bora, MD. Dokuz Eylul University, Turkey
  • Filip Spaniel, MD. National Institute of Mental Health, Czech Republic
  • David Cotter, MD and Mary Cannon, MD. Royal College of Surgeons, Ireland
  • Nicolas Langer, PhD. University of Zurich
  • John Kane, MD. Zucker Hillside Hospital, NY
  • Stefan Leucht, MD. TU Munich